Raw & Freeze-Dried Diets

A raw diet is the ancestral diet for your dog and cat. Dog's and cat's digestive physiology have changed little from their wild counterparts. Our pet's bodies still need the nutrition they get from eating a raw diet rather then a heat-processed diet. Heat destroys most anti-oxidants, healthy oils, phytonutrients, enzymes and living beneficial micro-organisms. This can result in your pet not getting enough digestive enzymes in their diet which makes their pancreas work harder at producing them. This puts an extra burden on your pet and can result in creating chronic illnesses. Feeding a bio-available, raw diet can help your pet get the nutrients they need without depleting their digestive enzymes and giving their bodies the ability to thrive rather than just survive.

While processed foods offer great convenience, our pets' digestive tracts are still designed for fresh food. We've had many owners report that their pets' chronic illnesses, food intolerances and allergies have disappeared since they changed them to a raw diet. Even adding one meal a day or a few times a week can be very beneficial to your pet's overall health. This is not just another trend but it actually mimics the staple diet of carnivores like our dogs and cats.

The benefits of a fresh food diet:

  • Live enzymes
  • Less preservatives
  • No synthetic nutrients
  • Provides proper hydration (especially important for cats)
  • Easier to digest
  • Maintains healthy teeth & shinier, healthier skin and coat
  • Maintains a healthy digestive tract and aids in weight control
  • Increased mobility in older animals
  • Mimics the natural diet of meat (raw), bones, organs and shredded veggies
  • You know what your pet is eating

Our Raw and Dehydrated Raw Foods:

All of our raw meat products are human grade, hormone and antibiotic-free, and USDA inspected.

We also carry a variety of raw parts, such as beef marrow and knuckle bones, turkey necks, and chicken necks and backs.

Answers Pet Food - offers Raw Goat Milk which can be added to any diet including kibble, raw or canned. The Raw Goat Milk enhances your pet's diet and also includes cinnamon, honey and other cultures. Great for fussy dog or cat eaters. The raw milk contains all the necessary enzymes for the body to process it versus pasteurized milk.
Bravo - offers the most cost-effective options for feeding a raw diet to your pet. The Original Blends and Balance Blends contain a complete diet: meat, bone, organ meat, vegetables. The Basic Formulas contain just meat and bone or meat and bone with organ meat. Pure Boneless Meat products contain just pure meat without any other ingredients while theirSpecialty products offer other mix options. Bravo is made in a USDA- inspected facility that also processes meat for restaurant use.
dr harveys Dr. Harvey's - has all of the health benefits of a fresh, homemade meal in a “just add water” formula that even the most discerning guardians will appreciate. Feeding a diet rich in high-quality protein and other natural ingredients allows your companion dog to absorb a powerful, healthy dose of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.
Nature's Variety - this is a complete Prey Model Diet (95% meat/bone/organ, 5% vegetables).The high meat content makes this a great food for cats.
Primal - offers several varieties (Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Duck, Venison, Pheasant, Rabbit) made with the highest quality ingredients, including organic veggies, animal-based essential fatty acids, and other natural supplements, providing a complete whole food source and nutrient dense diet that your dog will love. They also make cat-specific diets to attract the finicky felines.
Rad Cat - is a diet created exclusively for cats. It's a simple diet for the obligate carnivore featuring a combination of organ meat, muscle meat and bone meal, and absent of any grains or vegetables. The meats are all USDA- approved and USA-sourced and either free-range or pasture-fed. Rad Cat is available in 3 formulas, Free Range Chicken, Free Range Turkey and Pasture Raised Lamb
Sojos - offers both a high-quality Pre-Mix in which fresh raw meat can be added, or Complete Formulas which already include freeze-dried raw meats in the formula.
Stella and Chewy’s - specializes in single-source protein frozen and freeze-dried dinners for dogs and cats. The diets follow the comprehensive Prey Model Diet (95% meat/bone with 5% organic fruits and vegetables). The frozen and freeze-dried diets are identical so they’re great for those who feed raw and travel. All meats are regionally-sourced in the Midwest. They use a process that is Certified Pathogen Safe tested by an independent laboratory and USDA results from each and every batch of food are posted on their website.
The Honest Kitchen - creates dehydrated diets with minimal processing and is produced in a human food facility. They offer 100% gluten-free, grain-free options and a variety of protein options (turkey, beef, chicken) and a dehydrated formula specifically for our feline friends.
Ziwi Peak - a healthy grain free gently air-dried diet consisting of a balance of meat ingredients (50-65%) your dog or cat would eat in the wild. Venison and Lamb formulas available with the addition of blue and green-lipped mussels for natural joint support. Excellent to feed alone or as a tasty and nutritious food topper.